Margarita Island Pictures

Margarita Island Aerial Photos - Porlamar PMV Airport
Aerial pictures of Isla Margarita from a flight from Porlamar (PMV) airport to Port of Spain (POS), Trinidad & Tobago.

Isla Margarita

Semi-Arid Desert Climate

PMV Porlamar Airport


When our month long stay on Margarita Island came to an end, we packed up our things at the Bahia Del Sol condo tower and had our taxi driver take us to the Porlamar (PMV) airport.

The short flight took us from PMV to Port of Spain (airport code "POS") on the island of Trinidad, in the nation of "Trinidad & Tobago".

Since it was a very small plane, I was able to take pictures from my window and from the window on the other side of the aircraft.

You can really get a sense for the semi-arid almost desert like climate of Margarita Island by viewing these images.

As we flew east and further away from the dry Macanao Peninsula part of Margarita Island, the landscape became more green.

Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-004 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-005 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-006
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-007 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-008
Porlamar Bay
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-010 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-011
Caribbean Sea
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-013 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-014 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-015
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-016 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-017 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-018
Coral Reef

Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-019 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-020
City of Porlamar
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-022 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-023 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-024
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-025 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-026 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-027
Playa El Agua
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-029 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-030

To view a short video clip from this Porlamar (PMV) to Port of Spain (POS) flight, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 40 seconds long and has a file size of 10 MB. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Isla Margarita Aerial View Video Clip - Venezuela, South America
Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-031 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-032 Margarita-Island-Aerial-Photos-Venezuela-033
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