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Castillo San Carlos De Borromeo - Pampatar, Isla Margarita
Pictures and information from a visit to the San Carlos De Borromeo Castle in Pampatar on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Castillo/Castle Entrance
Castillo San Carlos Wall

We visited the outside of the Castillo San Carlos De Borromeo in Pampatar during a taxi driver guided tour of Margarita Island.

The fort's location is at the center of the town of Pampatar where it was used to protect Isla Margarita.

Castillo San Carlos De Borromeo was re-built by the Spanish in 1662. The original fort was destroyed by the Dutch.

The castle walls were constructed almost entirely of hard corals from the Caribbean Sea that surrounds Isla Margarita.

Admission into the San Carlos De Borromeo Castle is free but they suggest making a small donation. We only briefly walked around the outside since our entire-island taxi tour had a tight schedule.

Inside the fort you can see antique cannons, a room full of artifacts and enjoy the views from the lookout towers.

Castillo-San-Carlos-De-Borromeo-Pamapatar-004 Castillo-San-Carlos-De-Borromeo-Pamapatar-005 Castillo-San-Carlos-De-Borromeo-Pamapatar-006
Pampatar Bay
Naval Ships Off Shore
Castillo-San-Carlos-De-Borromeo-Pamapatar-008 Castillo-San-Carlos-De-Borromeo-Pamapatar-009
Castillo-San-Carlos-De-Borromeo-Pamapatar-010 Castillo-San-Carlos-De-Borromeo-Pamapatar-011
Casa De La Cultura

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