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Playa El Tirano - Manzanillo, Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pictures & visitor information from a trip to El Tirano beach located near Manzanillo on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Fishing Boat

Playa El Tirano

Manzanillo Fishing Village


Playa El Tirano is located about 23 kilometers from the city of Porlamar. It is near the Manzanillo fishing village on the northeastern tip of Margarita Island.

We visited Playa El Tirano as part of a snorkeling tour headed to Islas Los Frailes located about 30 minutes away from Isla Margarita by boat.

Many snorkeling tours that visit the Los Frailes Islands depart from Playa El Tirano since the islands are only about 7 miles away from this point on Isla Margarita.

El Tirano is a small beach that is only about 1000 meters wide with limited services and a strong surf.

The nicest part of El Tirano beach is used by guests of the Barceló Pueblo Caribe hotel.

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Departing For Los Frailes

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