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Playa Zaragoza - Pedro Gonzalez, Isla Margarita
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to Playa Zaragoza in Pedro Gonzalez on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-001 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-002 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-003

Playa Zaragoza is a tranquil beach located on the western side of the northeast tip of Isla Margarita just below Playa Puerto Cruz.

To reach Zaragoza beach, you have to pass through the town of Pedro Gonzalez. Some people mistakenly refer to this beach as Playa Pedro Gonzalez due to its location in the town of the same name.

We visited Playa Zaragoza on a quiet weekday morning so there weren't any people on the beach or many restaurants open at the time.

At one end of the beach there is are several hills and at the other end there are fishing boats anchored in the calm bay. All of the usual services are available including rental beach chairs, umbrellas, food and beverages.

Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-004 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-005 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-006
Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-007 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-008 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-009
Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-010 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-011 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-012
Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-013 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-014 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-015
Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-016 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-017 Playa-Zaragoza-Pedro-Gonzalez-Isla-Margarita-018
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