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Sambil Margarita Shopping Mall - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pictures, a review, and info from a visit to the Sambil Margarita retail shopping center on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

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The Sambil Margarita Shopping Mall or "centro" is the largest retail center on Isla Margarita.

It is located near the town of Pampatar just a few miles away from Porlamar and very close to a large "Rattan Hypermarket" grocery store.

Some of the most notable features of the Sambil Margarita Mall include a movie theater, a variety of dining options in the food court, a Baby Buggy child care service, various events, and a huge selection of retail stores.

To reach the Sambil Margarita managment staff, call them at (58-295) 260-27-26 or (58-295) 260-29-20.

Since Isla Margarita was granted duty free tax status, the prices at the Sambil Mall are cheaper than those in Caracas or Europe.

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