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El Yaque Windsurfing & Kitesurfing - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pictures, a video & visitor info from a trip to El Yaque beach, the windsurfing & kite surfing capital of Margarita Island.

Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-001 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-002 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-003
The town of El Yaque on Margarita Island is a popular destination for windsurfing and kite surfing enthusiasts from across the globe.

Just about every day of the year, you can find dozens of international tourists learning to kite surf or windsurf. There are also usually at least a few professional windsurfers or kite surfers practicing.

El Yaque is located near the middle of the southern coast of Isla Margarita. It is one of the beaches closest to the Porlamar International Airport (PMV).

A few reasons why Playa El Yaque is so attractive to windsurfers or kitesurfers are the calm shallow waters, consistently blowing wind and year round sunshine. Margarita Island has a semi-arid climate which receives very little rain.

Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-004 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-005 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-006
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-007 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-008

Some of the lodging accomodations in the town of El Yaque include Casa Viento, the California Hotel, Jump 'n Jibe hotel, El Yaque Paradise, Windsurf Paradise, Hotel Atti, Casa Rita, El Yaque Beach Hotel, Posada Yemaya, Killer Loop Condos, El Yaque Ranch, and Planet Windsurf.

Kite Surfers
Playa El Yaque White Sand
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-013 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-014 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-015
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-016 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-017 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-018
Filming Windsurfing Video

Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-019 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-020 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-021
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-022 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-023 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-024
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-025 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-026 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-027
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-028 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-029 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-030
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-031 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-032 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-033
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-034 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-035 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-036
Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-037 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-038
Small Fishing Boat
Kite Surfing Gear
To watch a video clip from our visit to Playa El Yaque, click on the large blue link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 2 minutes long and has a file size of 38 MB. To download the video file to your hard drive, right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" depending on which browser you are using.

Playa El Yaque Windsurfing & Kite Surfing Video Clip - Isla Margarita, Venezuela

Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-040 Playa-El-Yaque-Windsurfing-Kitesurfing-041
Town of El Yaque
Windsurf Paradise Hotel

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