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Road Unlimited Margarita Island 4x4 Jeep Tour
A review, pictures & a video clip of the Road Unlimited Isla Margarita 4x4 Jeep Tour in Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.


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Toyota 4X4 Offroad SUV

Romulo Betancourt

Sevillana's Restaurant & Show


The Road Unlimited 4X4 Jeep Tour was one of the highlights of our month long stay on Margarita Island.

We booked our tour via email through Marcos Ochoa from "Marcos Tours". The tour cost $50 U.S. per person in cash. 

That price includes drinks (water, Polar beer, rum, sodas), lunch at the Morro Blanco Restaurant, taxes, national park entrance fees, and a 30 minute boat ride at La Restinga Lagoon.

On the morning of the tour, Marcos sent a jeep to pick us up at the Bahia Del Sol condominium tower.

Just a few of the places we drove past or explored on the Road Unlimited 4X4 Jeep Tour included Porlamar, Pampatar, La Asuncion, Juan Griego, Diverland, Sambil Margarita Mall, Castillo Santa Rosa, Basilica Menor Nuestra Senora Del Valle, El Valle Del Espiritu Santo, and Plaza Santiago Marino.

Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-004 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-005
Condominium Tower

That's just part of the tour! Later we went to Laguna De La Restinga, ate lunch at Restaurante Morro Blanco, relaxed at Playa Punta Arenas, passed through Robledal, went offroading near Playa La Carmela, and stopped at the Coco Loco Bar for a drink of the same name. At the end of a long but very enjoyable day, the jeep dropped us back off at our apartment tower.

Lake Plaza
El Gallo
CM Store
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-010 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-011 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-012
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-013 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-014 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-015

Hilton Margarita Casino
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-017 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-018
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-019 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-020 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-021
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-022 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-023
Avenida Aldonza Manrique
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-025 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-026
Diverland Ferris Wheel
Sambil Margarita Mall
In the pictures above and below this paragraph, you'll see that we were passing the great Sambil Margarita Shopping Mall. For more information about the Sambil Margarita Mall, click on the preceding links.
Don Regalon Dinosaurio
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-029 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-030
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-031 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-032 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-033
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-034 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-035 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-036
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-037 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-038 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-039
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-040 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-041
BP Gasoline Station
Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-043 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-044 Margarita-Island-4x4-Jeep-Tour-045
To view a short video clip from our Road Unlimited Margarita Island 4X4 Jeep Tour, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 4 minutes long and has a file size of 70 MB. To download the video, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Road Unlimited Margarita Island 4X4 Jeep Tour Video Clip

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