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Laberinto Tropical - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pictures, videos and visitor information from the "Laberinto Tropical" hedge maze, botanical garden & animal sanctuary.


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Horario / Hours Sign
Front Gate Entrance
Laberinto Tropical

The "Laberinto Tropical" is an ecological park and tourist attraction located in the Palosanos section of Isla Margarita on the road between Los Robles and Asuncion.

The price of admission at the Tropical Labyrinth is 15,000 Bs. for adults and 7,500 Bs. for children. That's about $5 US per adult or $3 for kids depending on the current exchange rate.

We had our usual taxi driver take us to the Laberinto Tropical from our vacation rental at the Bahia Del Sol condo tower. Our visit was on a weekday so we just about had the place all to ourselves. I can imagine that this attraction is popular with the locals and could be crowded on weekends.

A sign at the front gate says that they're open every day, except Mondays, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. I highly recommend this great attraction to any one visiting Margarita Island.

Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-004 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-005 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-006
The Laberinto Tropical is named for the two hedge mazes composed of tropical flora contained within its grounds, but there is so much more to see. There is a tropical botanical garden full of species native to Margarita Island and Venezuela. Some of the plants found in this section include colorful flowers, bamboo trees, cacti, a Guayacán tree, mango fruit trees, banana trees, guava, palm trees, sugar canes, aloe vera, orchids and many more.
Yellow Flower
Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-008 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-009
After the gardens and two labyrinths, you'll reach the animal rehabilitation area where former pets or injured wildlife are rescued. There are a few pelicans, turtles, parrots and other small birds that roam freely in this area but the other animals are in enclosures.
Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-010 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-011
Nispero Tree
Some of the other animals include a scary looking Caiman (similar to a crocodile or alligator), a Chachalaca Mexican bird, a Royal Parrot, green parrots, a playful Capuchin monkey, Tilingos Toucan, common Toucans, a rattlesnake, pythons, an adolescent alligator, peacocks, a yellow boa constrictor, an anaconda snake, iguanas, a very venomous coral snake, a scorpion, a tarantula and more.
Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-013 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-014
Guacharaca Sign
Chachalaca Mexican Bird
Loro Real Info Sign
Royal Parrot
Mango Tree Sign
Green Mangos
Yaque Tree
Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-022 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-023 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-024

Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-025 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-026
White Orchid Flower
Amapola Bush
Pink/Yellow/White Orchids
Xerofite Garden
Aloe Vera
Prickly Pear Cactus
Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-034 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-035 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-036
Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-037 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-038 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-039
Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-040 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-041 Laberinto-Tropical-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-042
Cactus Flower
To view two short video clips from our visit to the Laberinto Tropical, click on the links below. The movies are encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format. To download the videos to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". The first video runs 23 seconds long and has a file size of about 6 MB. The 2nd video is about 4 minutes long with a file size of 62 MB.

Laberinto Tropical Hedge Maze Video Clip     -     Laberinto Tropical Animals Video Clip

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