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Bahia Del Sol Condos - Avenida Bolivar, Porlamar
Pictures, a video clip, and a review of a Bahia Del Sol condominium vacation rental in Porlamar, Isla Margarita.

Southwest Porlamar
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-002 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-003
Bahia Del Sol View

During the last few days of our extended visit to Buenos Aires, we did a lot of online research on Isla Margarita and decided to make Porlamar our base of operation for the month.

La Asuncion is the capital city of Margarita Island, but Porlamar is the largest city with a wider selection of hotels and vacation rentals.

We found this condo at the "Bahia Del Sol" building listed on a vacation rental website for $750 per month including all utilities.

Bahia Del Sol is located on Avenida Bolivar, which is a major street running through Porlamar. The building overlooks the Porlamar harbor, is across the street from the Panaderia Bolivar, and is just a few blocks from Playa Bella Vista.

This condo on the 12th floor also included an internet connection from an Ethernet cable sent down from the landlord's condo on the Penthouse level above.

Panaderia Bolivar
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-005 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-006
Porlamar Harbor
Bahia Del Sol was a great location for our month on Margarita Island since there are almost always taxis passing by the front of the building on Avenida Bolivar. For food, we would either go across the street to the Panaderia Bolivar or walk a few blocks to the Rattan Hypermarket. The Panaderia Bolivar is similar to a convenience store that also includes a bakery and deli. The Rattan Hypermarket reminded me of a smaller "Super Target" or "Super Wal-Mart" with a wide variety of groceries, toiletries and household goods.
Porlamar Bay
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-008 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-009
Southeast Porlamar

The view from our 12th floor condo at Bahia Del Sol was very nice as long as you looked out to the Caribbean Sea. Down below on the street there were commercial buildings, small homes, low-rise apartment structures and a few vacant lots with trash piles on them. Off to the left (South East), we could see the Hilton Resort & Yacht Harbor and other luxury hotels or condominium towers.

Raid Roach Spray
Kitchen Cabinets

We were anxious to visit one of Margarita's dozen or so beaches but instead we spent our first day getting our things organized, killing roaches and cleaning. I guess our condo had been vacant for awhile before our visit so there were a few roaches in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. A few cans of Raid roach spray and a day of airing out the condo solved our pest control problem for the rest of the month. Don't let that scare you off. Tropical places will invariably always have insects.

Hot Water Heater
Bathroom Shower
Bathroom Sink

The bathroom had a small hot water heater with a timer switch that had to be turned on at least 15 minutes before a shower.

Oven & Range
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-017 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-018

The kitchen was equipped with all the usual appliances including an oven, range, microwave, and toaster. Our landlord warned us that the water out of the tap was not suitable for drinking or cooking. We'd buy large jugs of water from the convenience store downstairs or the Panaderia Bolivar across the street.

Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-019 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-020 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-021
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-022 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-023 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-024

The Bella Vista beach is a few blocks from the Bahia Del Sol building, but it is definitely not one of the nicer beaches on the island. We had read that Playa El Aqua was the most popular, so we flagged down a taxi in front of the building and had the driver take us there. I arranged for the taxi driver to pick us up a few hours later. We enjoyed the driver's prompt service and friendly personality, so I took his business card. For the rest of the month, I used our Skype VOIP internet phone to call Luis for any trips we wanted to take including a complete Island Tour.

Northwest Porlamar
North Porlamar
Northeast Porlamar
Bahia Del Sol Pool & Parking
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-031 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-032 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-033
Porlamar At Night

Bahia Del Sol Security Gates
Bahia Del Sol Pool Entrance
Closet & Small Safe
The Bahia Del Sol building has two elevators in the main breezeway. Each one goes to either odd or even floors and they require a special key fob to make them work. The same security key fob opens up the two front security gates and the security gate that opens to the pool area.
Condo Water Tanks
Water Tank Pump Switch
Queen Size Bed

All of the water and electricity for Isla Margarita is piped and wired in from the mainland of Venezuela. The landlord explained that we needed to turn on the water pump in our closet during specified times of the morning and afternoon to fill up the condo's water tanks. At least once or twice during the month, we forgot to turn on the pump and had to ration our water until the next morning or afternoon.

Stackable Washer/Dryer
Storage Shelves
Converted Balcony
The condo's balcony had been enclosed in order to expand the usable square footage and add a stackable washer & dryer combo unit.
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-043 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-044 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-045
Balcony Windows
Isla Margarita has a semi-arid environment with almost no rain and sunshine all day long. The condo's two air conditioning units with remote controls helped keep us comfortable even on the hottest days.
4 Chairs & Dining Table
Large Windows
Living Room
Bedroom & Living Room
Kitchen & Countertop
Satellite Television

During our month at the Bahia Del Sol condominium tower, we hardly ever saw the other residents in the building. I'm assuming that many of the units in the building are also vacation rentals or vacation homes for wealthy Venezuelan families.

Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-052 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-053 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-054
Door & Security Gate
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-055 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-056
Porlamar Yacht Harbor
Avenida Bolivar

To watch a video clip of the view from the 12th floor of the Bahia Del Sol building, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 30 seconds long and has a file size of 10 MB.

Bahia Del Sol Condominium Tower - View From 12th Floor Video - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-058 Bahia-Del-Sol-Condos-Porlamar-059
Bahia Del Sol Building

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Bahia Del Sol Panoramic View - Porlamar, Isla Margarita
Bahia Del Sol Condominium Tower - 12th Floor - Southern View - Panoramic Picture


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