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Mirador Puerto Constanza - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pictures from the "Mirador Puerto Constanza" scenic view point on Margarita Island in Venezuela, South America.

Tourist Lookout Point

Mirador Puerto Constanza

Grass Covered Hills


This scenic lookout point is located on the northeastern part of Isla Margarita in between the fishing village of Manzanillo and the town of Juan Griego.

We visited the Mirador Puerto Constanza during a taxi driver guided tour of Margarita Island.

The Puerto Constanza overlook tourist stop is a great place to pause for a few pictures and enjoy the hill top breezes.

It is a tiled area with some simple landscaping that offers a nice panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea that surrounds Margarita Island.

If you're staying at the Hotel Hesperia, it's definitely worth a short taxi ride to visit the Mirador Puerto Constanza. Afterwards you can enjoy a seafood meal at the nearby Bar & Restaurant La Guayacanera.

Caribbean Sea
Hill Top View
Tiled Scenic Overlook
Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-007 Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-008
Semi Arid Desert Vegetation
Puerto Constanza Sign
Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-011 Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-012
Mirador Constanza Sign

Taxi Driver Guided Tour
Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-014 Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-015
Puerto Cruz Sign

To watch a video clip from our visit to Mirador Puerto Constanza, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 20 seconds long and has a file size of 5 MB. To download the video file to your hard drive, right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" depending on which browser you are using.

Mirador Puerto Constanza Video Clip - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Restaurant La Guayacanera
Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-017 Mirador-Puerto-Constanza-Isla-Margarita-018
Pedro Gonzalez Sign

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