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Playa Caribe - Juan Griego, Isla Margarita
Pictures of "Playa Caribe" (Caribe Beach) located in the small town of Juan Griego on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Tree Lined Beach
Town of Juan Griego
Playa Caribe Boat Pier

Playa Caribe is located in the town of Juan Griego on Isla Margarita.

Juan Griego is the second largest town on Margarita Island. It is situated on the northern coast of the island in between the beautiful La Restinga Lagoon and the town of Manzanillo.

We visited Caribe Beach on a weekday afternoon so there weren't many people sunning themselves on the clean white sand.

The water was calm and there seemed to be a good amount of shops, vendors, and food stands to service any visitors.

I've read that on weekends, you can buy fresh oysters from a man who sells them on the beach.

One of our favorite parts about visiting Playa Caribe was watching the multi-colored crabs crawling on the rock jetty.

Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-004 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-005 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-006
Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-007 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-008 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-009
Palm Trees
Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-010 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-011
White Sand Beach

Fishing Boat Harbor
Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-014 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-015
Rock Jetty
Multi-Colored Crab
Calm Caribbean Sea
Tranquil Bay

To view a short video clip from our trip to Playa Caribe in Juan Griego, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 40 seconds long and has a file size of 11 MB. To download the video, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Playa Caribe Video Clip - Juan Griego, Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-019 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-020 Playa-Caribe-Juan-Griego-Isla-Margarita-021
Streets of Juan Griego

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