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Playa Guacuco - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pictures from a visit to Guacuco Beach (Playa Guacuco) located on Margarita Island in Venezuela, South America.

Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-001 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-002 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-003

Playa Guacuco is named after the abundance of "guacucos" or almejas (clams) found in the surrounding waters.

This pleasant white sand beach is located on the eastern coast of Isla Margarita in between the town of Pampatar to the south and Playa Parguito to the north.

We visited the Guacuco Beach on a weekday morning as a brief stop on our taxi driver guided tour of Margarita Island.

There are several bars, restaurants and other visitor services on Playa Guacuco. During this early morning visit, we saw some men setting up a long line of rental umbrellas and beach chairs.

Some of the accomodations available on or near Playa Guacuco include the Villa Los Delfines, the Guacuco Beach Apartments, Confortel Tamarindo Cuacuco, and the Hotel Guacuco Resort.

Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-004 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-005
Playa Guacuco Highway Sign
Reddish Brown Dirt/Sand
Dried Palm Frond Umbrellas
Rental Chairs & Umbrellas
Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-010 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-011
Golden Sand
Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-013 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-014
Small Waves & Warm Water

Restaurant La Jaiba
Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-017 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-018
Line of Palm Trees
Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-019 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-020 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-021
Polar Light Beer Billboard
Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-022 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-023
Hotel Tamarindo
Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-025 Playa-Guacuco-Isla-Margarita-026
Mountains In Distance
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