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Playa Parguito - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor information from a trip to Playa Parguito located on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Playa Parguito


Playa Parguito is one of the most popular beaches on Margarita Island, especially with the younger crowd and surfers.

It is located on the Northeastern tip of the island just south of Playa El Agua and just North of Playa Guacuco.

For most of our other "beach days" we chose to just lay our beach towels under the groupings of palm trees on the far North end of Playa El Agua.

Since we visited Playa Parguito on a holiday weekend, we had to rent beach chairs and an umbrella for some shade. The total cost was about $10 for the day.

The bar & restaurant where we rented the chairs from also had waiters that would bring us drinks on the beach.

Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-004 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-005 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-006
Playa Parguito seemed to be more popular with the locals than Playa El Agua is during the low season, so there were more restaurants, bars and lounges open on this beach.
Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-007 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-008 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-009
Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-010 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-011 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-012
Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-013 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-014 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-015
View From Hill Top
Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-017 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-018

Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-019 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-020 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-021
Surfers Catching Waves
Surfing Waves
Small Beach Between Hills
Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-025 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-026 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-027
Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-028 Playa-Parguito-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-029
Playa Parguito Parking Lot
El Caney Restaurant

To view a short video clip from our visit to Playa Parguito, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format,  runs about 30 seconds long and has a file size of 8 MB. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Playa Parguito Video Clip - Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Keka Restaurant

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