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Playa El Agua - Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
Pictures & a video from several visits to Playa El Agua ("The Water Beach") located on Margarita Island in Venezuela.


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Life Guard Stand
Playa El Agua
Clear Blue Water

Playa El Agua is probably the most popular and well known beach on Isla Margarita. The name translates to "The Water Beach" in English.

This scenic white sand beach is located at the Northeastern tip of the island between Playa El Parguito to the South and Playa Manzanillo to the North.

The pictures on these three pages were taken over multiple visits to Playa El Agua during our month long stay on Margarita Island in Porlamar.

Our visits were during April and May (part of the island's low season) so some of the clubs, bars and restaurants were closed.

There were still a few great places to eat or drink including the Marlin Restaurant where we enjoyed an excellent lunch.

Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-004 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-005 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-006
Rather than spend money on rental beach chairs and an umbrella, we often just walked to the relatively deserted northern part of Playa El Aqua. Once you get past all of the clubs, bars, and restaurants, there are groups of palm trees that offer nice shaded areas. To avoid having to walk back to the nearest bar for bottled water, we would bring our own drinks and snacks from our well stocked condo at Bahia Del Sol. My favorite beach food was a peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwich.
Palm Tree Shade
Life Guard Stand
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-010 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-011
Line of Palm Trees
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Fallen Coconut
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-014 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-015
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-016 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-017 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-018
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-019 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-020
Blue Jellyfish
On every visit to Playa El Agua, we saw at least a dozen deceased light blue jellyfish littered along the sand. There were never many of them floating in the water. As long as you kept an eye on your surroundings, it was safe to wade around in the warm Caribbean Sea.
Beach Towel In Shade
Coconuts In Palm Tree
Palm Fronds Overhead
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-025 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-026 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-027
7th Heaven
Septimo Cielo
Eco Caribe & Coco Paraiso
Beach Food Hut

Rental Beach Chairs
Rental Beach Umbrellas
Beach Umbrella Stands
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-034 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-035 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-036
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-037 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-038 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-039
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-040 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-041 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-042
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-043 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-044 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-045
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-046 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-047
Small Island Off Coast
Blue Jellyfish
One of our best visits to Playa El Agua was when we decided to hike up the hill at the Northernmost part of the beach. There was a worn path through the cactus field, so we obviously weren't the first ones to take on this adventure. It was a nice place to eat lunch and take some scenic pictures. The last panoramic image on this page was taken on top of the hill looking over Playa El Agua to the South.
Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-049 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-050 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-051
Dried Coral Fragment
I always took my very old and battered Canon SD110 digital camera with us on our beach days so that I could capture the scenery in pictures and short video clips. I edited together all the short clips into one 3 minute Windows Media (WMV) movie that has a file size of about 48 MB. To "stream" the video, just click on the link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As", depending on which browser you are using.

Playa El Agua Video Clip - Isla Margarita, Venezuela

Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-052 Playa-El-Agua-Isla-Margarita-Venezuela-053
Far North Beach

Playa El Agua Beach Panoramic Picture
Playa El Agua Panoramic Picture From Northern Section

Playa El Agua Cliff Top Panoramic Picture
Playa El Agua Panoramic Picture From Northern Hill Top


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