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Porlamar Vacant Lots & Garbage Fires - Isla Margarita
Pictures of the vacant lots, grass fires, and trash burning that occurs in Porlamar City on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-001 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-002 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-003

During our month long stay in the city of Porlamar, we noticed that trash was a bit of a problem.

There were several vacant lots located around the Bahia Del Sol condominium building where we had leased a vacation rental.

Some of the residents would throw away their loose litter or garbage bags into these vacant lots in between businesses or residential structures.

At least twice during the month, we saw smoke from a vacant lot trash fire. I'm not sure if these garbage fires were started intentionally or just by a careless smoker discarding a cigarette.

Don't let these pictures discourage you from visiting the "Pearl of Venezuela", Margarita Island.

All of the beaches on the island were great including the small Playa Bella Vista in Porlamar and the popular Playa El Agua.

Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-004 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-005 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-006
Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-007 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-008 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-009
Porlamar Vacant Trash Lot
Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-011 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-012
Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-013 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-014 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-015

Loose Trash & Litter
Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-017 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-018
Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-019 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-020
Grass Fire
Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-022 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-023 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-024
Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-025 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-026 Porlamar-Vacant-Trash-Lots-027
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